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yeah.. today finally cleared all my drivin lessons liao!! wish me luck for my test on the 10th May! hah, feelin quite confident now, but considerin the test is abt one month away, i decided to take up 2 more revision lessons right b4 the test date..

hm, was wonderin why do some pp in singapore go for sports cars (although i am one of dem ;p).. wat is the purpose of all the extra speed, B.H.P., torque and maneuverability when the instant u rev up ur engine and release the clutch, u would in less den 200 metres, reach another road junction.. and wif our singapore speed limit, if no speed regulatin signs r ard, at 50km/h, i dun think u would benefit much from the added acceleration too.. ;(

so most likely, having a sports car would be a chance to show off ur exquisite taste (or lack of it) to the public.. having said tat, i do prefer to drive somethin hip and unique so as to accentuate my youthfulness and distinct character.. i particularly love the flarring nostrils of a BMW, juz look at how cool it looks..
BMW5 Series
hah, but imagine me drivin it ard, would look weired eh? this type of car seems onli fit for those middle-aged successful businessmen who have too much money to spare.. haha..

hm.. but den wat is the purpose of all this luxury? havin a honda civic also does get u ard, and it might even be more cost effective as far as maintainance and fuel consumption goes.. so it boils down to the ultimate question, wat is the purpose of ur existence? is it juz to earn money, and more money so tat u can enjoy all the luxuries in life? and when u see charity shows and donations, juz plunk down a huge sum and conclude tat u r a philanthropist? does all these money really help those in need? after workin in oSc, i have witnessed the extent of corruption in countries where the general population are really in need of help.. hm.. how can we really help those tat desparately needs aid? instead of money, i feel tat by being there to help out is the onli way u can see ur efforts go to those tat deserves it..

hm.. so wat is the purpose of speed when all the adrenaline rush and euphoria is onli felt by urself? men r ultimately selfish creatures, but u can determine the extent of selfishness..

hah, i am really contradictory eh? tats y i am still in search of my purpose in life.. wat can i do to make a difference? tats the question all of us shd ponder..

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