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hah.. sorry, apparantly i did not fulfill the promise i made in my previous entry.. but that was bcos i did not like the skin i had last time.. now finally, i found one that suits me (albeit a template provided by blogspot..) this one is not as gloomy and sad as the previous one..

hm, finally decided to add another entry since i have the time tonight to lobo a bit.. the past few days, i have been strugglin to remove this stupid adware that has infiltrated into my system.. it keeps on causin this pop-ups to appear and r super irritatin... wat is more suprisin is that once u click on the ads that pops up, u will be directed to a broken link! makes me wonder how those idiots who created these adwares make money from the ads..

finally, after searchin online for a remedy, i have found the source of this evil.. it is actually stuck in my MSN!!! so i decided to delete my MSN away and finally, the problem is solved!! but den i have no more MSN!! luckily, i heard shengyong told me b4 abt a software called trillian that allow me to chat using MSN in addition to ICQ, IRC and more.. haha.. hope is rekindled..

after this, i lost faith in Mr. Gates' creations and decided to join the Firefox revolution.. haha, it is a web browser that is really much better den InternetExplorer.. really.. try it..

hm.. so much for a blog.. is it really quite mundane if one juz try to add in daily snippets of their lives.. hopefully, i will one day realise the real purpose of havin this blog.. purpose, that is the drivin force that propels one to move on, and one shd one day find the real purpose behind their existence, if not, there is really no need for one's existence.. or not? i would do well wif some enlightenment..

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