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hm.. i have been ponderin this for a long time.. wat is the real purpose of a name? is it juz a form of identification, or r there other purposes behind a name? i read b4 tat some consider a body to be a mere shell tat serves no real purpose except to house the soul within.. but it is undeniable tat a persons' look does influence one's first impression of another.. and vanity is a distinct trait found onli in humans.. (although some may argue tat some mammals, e.g. cats, and even insects do clean up their faces after a messy meal.. haha ;p) so, how impt is the shell tat out soul resides? and how impt is the name tat is associated with the soul?

when my buddy called me the sAioFsAis, i was kind of glad cos it suddenly gave me an identity.. i remembered tat was when i was ard sec2, and he was callin himself the kingofkings cos he wanted to be better den his brother, who calls himself king.. ha, and we like to curse sai here sai there all the time.. and den my buddy realise tat i have no nickname yet, and decided to call me the sAioFsAis!! haha.. i gladly received tat nick cos i was findin for my place in my group buddies, tryin my best to be relevant to others.. and oso bcos it is unique. who in the world would call himself sAi.. hah, but den the nick kinda got stuck to me..

when i move on to junior college, the nick remained although i never blatantly announce myself as the sAiofsAis.. ha, i guess bcos my email does help in the spread of curiousty in my nick.. hm.. but den i never really dispised this name b4.. it is juz a nick, so wat? and hence, i am back to the same question.. how would pp respond to such a nick? i read b4, a name is juz a sound when used all the time, with its etymology buried in the dust of habit.. hm, it is really interestin to see pp spend so much time findin a name for their beloved child, but i do agree that findin a good name is impt cos it would stick to ur child for the rest of his life.. in our society, a name does play a part eh? if ur name sounds pro and easy to remember or distinctly unique, u stand a greater chance in interviews cos u stand out.. and an intelligent sounding name does mean ur parents r smart enough to give u tat name, and wif genetic inheritance in mind, it does seem logical tat their child shd be smart as well..

but does judging a person's name justify the soul within? at least for looks, if one looks sloppy, it would signify tat the person is really lazy at heart. but for a name, i dun believe tat correlation applies.. so wat really is the true purpose of a name? for now, i am contend to be called my true name or my nickname.. haha, but my nick does reminds pp of somethin disgustin, so i would leave the use of watever name u like to refer to me at ur own discretion..

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