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hm.. today was a rather fruitful day. i went swimmin and maintained my record of 50sec per lap.. wanted to cut it to 48sec but guess 2 weeks' off from swimmin doesn't help the timing.. ha, anyways, had drivin lesson after tat and finally cleared all my lessons and onli revision and assessments are left.. yeah! hopefully i can take the driving test on 05-may..

anyways, tat is not e point.. well, after the drivin lesson, i bought dinner for me and zhenghan and boarded bus 25 for duty.. and the smell lingerin in the bus quite easily spoilt my day.. armpit odour!!! some guilty soul muz have skipped bathin for 3 days!! hm.. it was not exactly tat bad but i decided to find out the real purpose of this much unneeded by-product from the vestigial hairs worming ard under ur armpit..

ok, i found out tat armpit odour is also known as axillary malodor and is caused by the small amount of secretion from the apocrine glands, found embedded all over ur armpit.. and although fresh apocrine sweat is odourless, it develops its characteristic smell when the sweat is broken down by the hair and skin cells in the armpit, and then eaten by bacteria (eww..) so it's actually the bacteria that make the smell, releasing a chemical called 3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid...

so wat is the purpose of this smell? many animals happily use their odours for communication and socialization. so theoretically, one function of armpit odour is to help us attract a mate! sniff sniff...

however, there is no good evidence that human body odours, containing pheremones, can send signals between people, especially between men and women, other than the signal 'I stink'. we seem to have lost the ability to recognize these signals, despite what perfume makers claim.

hah.. so i have come to a conclusion! armpit odour has no purpose execpt to signal to everyone tat u r an unhygenic, irresponsible and universally hated being.. hah.. the list of vestigial organs found on our body, remnants from out ancient ancestors, can go on to be quite a list.. (i still remember how colin ponders why men have nipples.. ;p) hence, i have successfully contradicted myself.. so not all existence have a purpose.. guess i have to edit my title of my blog a bit.. haha..

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