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it has been so long since i blogged.. i was thrown right to the bottm, shattered, and i questioned my own resolve. i questioned the path i have chosen, the efforts i have put in, and the work i will be doing for the near future. then i emerged as a new person, and i found the will to carry on again.. hopefully i can continue to improve and be better den b4..

i love taking portraits, people photography. i love the connection when the subject makes eye contact wif me. The visual impact, for me, is too great to be missed.. i love to smile at my subjects and when they smile back, i would be poised to capture tat brief moment of connection between 2 souls, regardless of race or language.

for me, the best way to remember a place is to know the place through its people. whenever i see these portrait shots, memories come flooding back and i am brought back to the exact moment when i took the shot, and their own stories would re-surface.

the shot above was taken when i was with yuhqian at Little India. it is the first time i plucked up enough courage to ask complete strangers for a portrait shot. you would be amazed how many people actually allows me to take a shot of dem. and if you ask politely, you (most prob) would not be beaten up.. hha ;p

for the shot above, i was walking pass this row of fruit stalls and this young man's feature was interestin. so i stopped and bought an apple from him and used this opportunity to ask him for a portrait shot. surprisingly he obliged and i framed the shot. at first, he was pretty awkward (who wun?), i took 2 shots and den i adjusted my framing. on seeing me taking so long to shoot him, he smiled and i managed to capture that brief candid moment. ;p

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