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"u r not a photographer beacause u like photography. Photography is only a tool, a vehicle, for expressing or transmitting a passion in something else. It is not the end result. "
- excerpt from the book On Being a Photographer by © 1997 David Hurn/Magnum and Bill Jay.

the above excerpt that i chanced upon on the net provided an insight into a professional photographer's mindset.. it awoken me and filled me with more doubts and more questions..

y am i so interested in photograhy?

what exactly drives me to go on takin photos? was will drive me in the future?

i clearly recall the first time i took photos wif my first digicam, the Canon Powershot A70. the ability to capture moments and freeze time was fascinating.. and the ability to view wat u have juz shot via the LCD was even more intriguing.. i was drawn into the world of photography and was impressed more and more by the techinical skills that that goes on behind each photo.. i slowly honed my own skills and got use to the many photographic terms like f/stops, focal lengths and compositions..

eventually i took some photos tat i feel are good enough to be posted online.. and unexpectedly, pp commented on my photos.. some good, some bad.. but it doesn't matter.. pp are lookin at my photos and cared enough to comment on dem! tat was gratification enough..

but now, after arduous deliberation, i have gotten a dslr.. and wif it comes more stress as i feel a need to utilise fully and not waste hard earned cash on it..

but den i ask myself, my interest in photography is in the subjects that i am takin or the equipment that i am usin? have i gotten so hyped up over the dslrs in the market that i have forgotten the purpose of cameras..

i do feel that any camera is capable of takin good shots, it all lies in the person takin the photo and the passion the photographer has for the subject. a good camera just makes the job simpler. of cos, the technical skills and knowledge of his equiment is equally impt but those are secondary..

Photographer Elliot Porter said: "True art is but the expression of our love of nature" and "A true work of art is the creation of love, love for the subject first and for the medium second."

i cannot comprehend fully wat art is to me, yet.. and photography is indeed viewed by many as a form of art.. for now, i need to find the purpose of photography, and wat it means to me..

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