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'you have all embarked on a journey. a journey of discovery.'

our dear leader of our trip, Bernard told us in one of the many meetings we had way before we started our journey. never did we know how amazing this journey would mean to each and everyone of us. it is a journey that would stay in my heart for the years to come. to learn more of our Yunnan trip, click here.

it has been quite a while after we had returned. i prepared fervently for my test that was to come in a week's time, and following that, i was down with chicken pox. all the while, i had contemplated blogging on the days i had at yunnan, but each time the massive scale of it made me drag on until now.

i have finally uploaded all the photos i had taken here. and upon browsing through them, i suddenly had this urge to share all that i had gone through

i would update my blog everyday, hopefully you can feel the joy i had during my days there. it was a wonderful experience. i firmly believe that with a heart to spread compassion, anyone can feel your warmth and warm up to you.

however, we have to be careful not to be attached to the fact that we are a compassionate person. doing so will make us believe we are above them, and that they undeniably need help from us. the fact is, there are so many things we can learn from them too. instead i think we should care for others because it is something natural to do. we are all humans and what separates us from animals is our ability to empathise with others. with this ability, we can see people for who they are, not judging them but to understand their feelings and emotions. when we can see this, we would naturally want to know more about them and care for them.

do check back! i would update a photo a day, hopefully! ;p

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