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glitter glitter..

read somethin interesting from National Geographic Field Guide: "An image doesn't start with a camera, it ends there." so often, people fail to see how much effort has been put into the process of image making.

another quote, this time from Galen Rowell, one of my favorite photographer: "Photography succeeds not when the original vision is created photographically, but when the photograph is able to evoke or re-create a similar vision in the mind of each viewer." i just hope that through my constant practice and self-critique, i will slowly work towards tat goal, and one day, allow my works to convince others that photography is more then juz the squeezing of the shutter.

right now, most of my favorite images have been captured from 'lucky' instances when the photo opportunity presents itself to me, without need of much patience or scouting of locations. with a note of humility from Galen Rowell in his book "Moutain Light", he confessed that most of his images are, too, a result of a convergence of technical proficiency, personal vision and light together with luck. but he further explains that this luck is different from the type tat strikes u jackpot in a casino. this luck presents itself to people who have acquired knowledge of their fields before they ventured out to become "lucky". Luck is with them because they have made themselves open and receptive to it and their style allows it to be part of their plan.

for me, i can take respite in the fact that the great Galen Rowell has incorporated and recognised luck as part of his photographic philosophy. however, i am still very much ashamed of myself as a photographer, because still, most of the photographic opportunities i had was based on pure luck, i have had not made the effort to go out and chased the light i want.. on one hand, i might not have the courage to let go of everything to make a mark; on the other hand, i guess tats the difference between a professional and an amateur, who has other committments..

so when i have the time and ability, i will come to grasp the meaning behind my photography and one day, come to terms with calling myself a real photographer.

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